Who We Are

Profitable Good Group (PGG) was founded in 2015 to assist CEOs in identifying & leveraging a profitable Shared Values strategy while crafting a sustainable model for revenue growth & powerful social impact.

Working alongside internal and external stakeholders – PGG  can craft strategy and execution plans to show measurable and tangible impact:

Creating critical competitive advantages

Increasing retention rates & decreasing attrition

Increasing sales

Attracting a higher quality of talent

Increasing productivity

Fostering innovation

Increasing team morale

Improving internal communication

Advancing from transactional to relational sales conversations

Enhancing cost efficiencies

Our Team

Our team’s senior advisors have decades of professional and community success across a myriad of companies from start-ups to Fortune 100’s multinationals. We know the challenges and growth opportunities facing successful for-profit businesses as well as impactful non-profit organizations. These unique skills and experience have given PGG valuable credibility in both the C-Suite and in the communities their clients serve.

What We Can Do For You

Analyze Philanthropic Commitments

Develop Sales Strategies

Create Awareness Programs

Evaluate and Validate Your Business

Optimize Integration

Engage Stakeholders

Evaluate Goals

Create Purpose-Driven Statements

Improve Employee Retention

A PGG Case Study – Aligning Strategic Growth for Good

Entertainment & Finance converge to stimulate local business growth.

“We believe that our efforts to be a good corporate citizen have a direct impact on our financial strength, as well as our reputation as one of the most trusted and admired companies in the world.”

Jay Rasulo – Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, The Walt Disney Company