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Profitable Good Group – Our Practice focuses on advising CEO’s who realize the positive P+L impact of an integrated Shared Values strategy as a competitive advantage in customer acquisition, brand building, innovation, revenue growth and employee retention.
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Strategy Driven By Purpose

The Profitable Good team is a dedicated partner in devising, implementing and executing Shared Values solutions for your business or organization.

This is your first step on the road to Profiting for Good.

What We Do
The Truth

Our team has valuable experience in operating and growing successful for-profit companies and high-impact non-profits. Combining those skills and track records gives Profitable Good unique credibility in the C-suite as well as in communities, shoulder-to-shoulder with NPOs and NGOs.

How We Work

How We Work

Email Us

Email Us

Examples of Impactful ROI

What We Can Do For You

Analyze Philanthropic Commitments

Develop Sales Strategies

Create Awareness Programs

Evaluate and Validate Your Business

Optimize Integration

Engage Stakeholders

Evaluate Goals

Create Purpose-Driven Statements

Improve Employee Retention

“What is good for the world and good for business are more closely connected than ever before.”

– Chuck Robbins, CEO of Cisco